Sunday, 10 September 2017

Speech writing

Do you like bees or do you lose your words and run away from your friend when you see one?

There are people that like bees and people that hate bees and you're likely to see yourself in one of these 3 categories of bees.

Scenario 1: you're having a picnic with your Family and a bee comes along and then suddenly you’re swarmed with bees. The bees are all over you hunting for honey, honey and more honey. You have a honey sandwich behind your hand and chuck it away and start to act innocently like you have done nothing. You start to flap them away like your a bully even though you're not one. They start to swarm and make a big buzzing sound as if they want you to go away. You start to swat them all at once and then they start to try to kill you like the Queen bee has ordered them to go for the kill. I may be exaggerating but who cares? The end result is that they try to kill you or one try's to kill you thinking you're there going to kill you.

Scenario 2: you're walking down the road and a bee comes along and you stay still. I know it's as crazy as it sounds. You stay completely still and the bee starts to check them out, climbing on there legs, to their waist, to thEIR arms to their HEAD!!! Then everyone on the street is screaming at you you saying “You need to get that bee of your head man!!!”. They normally get stung because the bee thinks it's a flower and they get angry because they think it's a flower so the bee stings that person.

Scenario 3: Is when the person runs away and goes ballistic. What happens is that the person is walking and there friend is one of those stay-still people and then they see bee. The stay-still person is like “Don't let it get to your head” and then the total panicker person is just running away while the bee is more interested in the stay-still person. When the total panicker gets stung, which almost never happens there like there in a drama act like “look at that!!!!!!!”and they start crying.

Over all I say just stay still, be calm and walk away because there stings can hurt…… A LOT. As I said there are people that like bees and hate bees.

Which one of these three categories are you in?

By: Samuel Oliver Richardson.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Flipping frogs, slingshot rocket and angle launches, observations and inferences, week 9. ————————————————————————————————

Today we are writing about our observations and inferences of our flipping frogs and angle launchers and also the slingshot rocket.

 We were in groups and we would participate in three activities. We  would move around through different activities with our group. There were flipping frogs, slingshot rocket and angle launches.

Let's start with slingshot rockets. We discovered with slingshot rockets that if you had more rubber bands it would go further because it has more time to speed up. We also discovered that if you made your design like a plane with 2 wings and 1 small feather on the top it would get more airborne and reduce drag. It would make the slingshot rocket go further than normal.

 Now let's go on to angle launchers. We discovered the most effective position to get it to go further is 45° (so if you're a shotputter try to get an angle of 45°). The angle launcher’s furthest distance was 1.9m on short range and we didn't get to test long range. 

As you can see 45° is the most effective angle on the position.

Now let's go on to flipping frogs.
We made flipping frogs with a rubber band, a piece of cardboard and 2 paper clips and we also designed our flipping frogs. We did a highest flipping frogs jumping competition and the best flipping frog actually looks like a frog. The highlight of the year was someone's frog flipping jumping 1.09m in the air. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Onager vs Trebuchet

We have been working on onager (a catapult ) and today we are testing it against the Trebuchet. We are showing you the differences and the similarities below.

We have noticed a difference that the onager goes faster but lower. The reason why that it is might be because the onager is smaller but it has more power than the trebuchet. The onager also has a lower arch so it goes more powerful, but it doesn't go as far as the Trebuchet. We wonder if the onager in the old days was used for close-range battle.

We have also notice that the onager takes less time to fire the projectile than the trebuchet. We think that the trebuchet takes longer because it has a longer arm so it takes more time to fire the projectile than the onager.
We wonder what would happen if the onager was the same size as the trebuchet.

This is a rope on the onager that makes it have so much power.
The onager has a twisted rope making torsion, that makes the ropes want to in twist really fast when the person pulls the rope. We have an example just above. We wonder how they invented this type of idea to make the onager a better machine.

Overall we think that the trebuchet is better for long distance or to break down walls and the onager is better at close range battles or to break down the enemies walls at close range.

The end.

This is a full size onager.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My camp feelings

It was a cold night at Wainui Camp and we had a lot of problems. Oh sorry but I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Samuel. We’re on camp and it's a first camp-night nightmare. It's  about 11 o'clock and people are telling us about some of their nightmares and it's very hard to sleep.
Someone is scaring everyone and it's even annoying me. We were still awake at about 2 o'clock and finally everyone's asleep, all except for me. It was hard to sleep but finally I fell asleep.

Being “scared” wasn't the only feeling I had, but I also had “tiredness”. It was about 2 o'clock and we were wide awake. We were being scared by a person, and I am not going to tell you who but he was being really scary. That was why we were awake at this time of night. He was telling stories that were scary and making us really tired.  We would be just about to go to sleep and then we’d hear “Blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah blah blah.” Things were getting annoying and we had to just fight through the annoying person that was being mean to as a lot of the time so we eventually got to sleep.

Tiredness was not the only feeling I had but I also had happiness because I got to the top of the high ropes.
It was about two o'clock in the afternoon and I was just going on the high ropes and I was about halfway to the top and I couldn't go any further so I was stuck at halfway to the top. I said “I can’t go any further so lower me down please”. The guy said “no” and I was like” PLEASE LOWER ME DOWN”. He still said no and I said” ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!” and I just managed to reach and was like “yuppie!” with delight. 

Self reflection.
I think that my writing is relational because I used a lot punctuation and I think that I have learnt a lot in the time that I have done this. I think my next step is that I should use more bright sparks words.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The ram chase.

You be might wondering how I got myself into a mess like this.
It all started when I kicked my AFL ball in the air. It landed in the 
ram paddock and I thought that I would be fine and they would 
not ram me (probably why they were called “ram”). I was about to 
pick up my ball and I heard a stomp. I thought“oh no!” I swallowed and hoped that they were not going to ram me. Well I was wrong
and I all of a sudden I found myself being chased. Nervous and trembling I was thinking how I was going to escape. About 3 minutes later the rams had stop chasing me and I started to brainstorming how I would escape properly because I was scared that if I moved the rams would keep on ramming me till I would die. I had brainstormed a couple of ideas like…. trying to tiptoe and distract them with my AFL ball. I decided that I should get a move on so I did but then I heard a “stomp” and I thought “oh come on” and all of a sudden I found myself being chased again.
Annoyed and furious. I tried to escape but again I found myself 
stuck because they were in a line eating some grass and chewing it quietly. Finally there was a break in the storm, by a break in the storm, I mean in the ram chase. I tiptoed to the fence and quickly escaped.

By Samuel Richardson.
I was learning how to use punctuation and bright sparks properly because I had not written down any bright sparks words and I was probably multi-structural for punctuation.

It went excellent but if I had worked on the punctuation a weeeeee bit more I think I could have been done. Now I think I am relational.

I used 4 bright sparks words and I think I am now Relational but I still have a lot to work on.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Science journal

01.05.2017.     Slime off!!!!!
Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data. 
Today all of our school’s classes made slime and tipped it on Mrs Anderson(our principal) for a slime-off. There were heaps of different types of slime from smooth slime to a big chunky slimes. I was one of the people that got to present our class’s slime and the name of our slime was “yellow smurf ”.
08.05.2017.     Balloon rocket !!!!!
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment 
Today Jayden and I did a Balloon rocket experiment. Our best try at the balloon rocket experiment was 3m.65cm. We set up all of the equipment and tried out our first attempt at 1m.28cm Which is bad. The interesting thing about our experiment was that it would stop at the start, spiral and then go really fast but wouldn't reach the end. We used string so that's probably why.
Week 3.  Balloon rocket experiment with paper
Today Jayden and I made a balloon rocket with paper attached to the top of the balloon. It only went 1m 65cm. Jayden and I, were going to attach the paper to the front of the balloon but we didn't have time. The experiment went pretty good but the only problem was that on the first day it was windy. 
Here's some of our results.

Trial 1
12 km
3m 65cm

Trial 2
11 km
3m 5 cm
it was 
Trial 3
6 km
1m 65cm

It was pretty cool and hard but we got there in the end. We would say our results were good but we have a lot to work on!!
I think the only reason why the balloon was slowed down was because that when we put the paper on top of the balloon the air got stuck in between the balloon and the piece of paper and slowed the balloon down and causing drag.
Week 4: Trebuchet Experiment
This week we tested our “Trebuchet” (practically a campout). The first part of the experiment was explaining the “Trebuchet” and that was really boring but when the Trebuchet was in action THE CROWED WENT WILD no seriously it did. Okay in to action. I noticed with a heavier ball the projectile went slightly less further than a lighter ball. I think it's because when you have a heavier ball the Trebuchet had more weight to carry so the ball went further up and  on a  higher angle that which means the ball didn't go as far. I wonder in the olden days when they had huge Trebuchet, that when they were  firing at the enemy they could only carry a certain amount of weight so they didn't crush them selves with the big firing balls
I am going to show you some of our results



trial one

tennis ball

8.20 m

trial two

tennis ball

11.80 cm

trial 3

tennis ball

15.60 m

trial 4

tennis ball

18 m

trial five

tennis ball

19.80 m

trial 11

tennis ball

33.50 m

trial 12 

hockey ball

17.60 m

trial 13

hockey ball

26.90 m

trial 14

hockey ball

17.50 m

The best distance was 33.15 m. 

I data gathering is multi-structural because I had one observation but it was quite a big one and it's got a lot of punctuation.

My inferences are multi-structure because I explained clearly what I was thinking and I did one huge inference.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry project

At the start of the term, my understanding of responsible citizenship was multistructural because I would pick up rubbish but not at the right time. (Multistructural means “I am able to understand several ideas but I miss their relationship to each other and the whole)

Now I am relational because I am able to link and integrate my ideas to create a coherent understanding the meaning.

I have done teaching younger kids how to play hockey, I pick up rubbish, I have proven myself trustworthy, and I follow the rules on the treaty.

It helps people to realise that if you teach people you will probably be a great R.C. because you are teaching people and sharing your skills with other people.

I faced some Challenge that were quite hard like when I had to manage some young kids that were being naughty by not listening and we're doing things that they shouldn't

I feel great because I helped people and I have made good friends and I have Proven myself trustworthy and I have been a great responsible citizen and it has been a great term and I have a great experience and head of me.

Speech writing

Do you like bees or do you lose your words and run away from your friend when you see one? There are people that like bees and people that h...