Monday, 27 March 2017

Are you a responsible citizen?

Are you a responsible citizen?
A responsible citizen has an important role to play to keep our community safe, clean and strong.

One of the most important things about a responsible citizen is that they follow rules and laws. For example a responsible citizen will pick up any rubbish they see to keep our community safe and clean. A person who follows the rules and laws is Miss Pageot (my lovely teacher) who follows the rules and laws really well, in fact she's one of the best people I know. For example she follows the Waimairi rules and laws like picking up rubbish as soon as she sees it like a vacuum cleaner. If people didn't do this Waimairi would be full of rubbish and it would smell like a pig and we would walk over rubbish every 10 milliseconds.

Overall, I think that being a helpful bystander and a person that follows rules and laws is very important because it keep us safe and our community would be clean☺️.

By Samuel.

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  1. Wow I love this piece of righting. My mum follows the laws and picks up rubbish. I do enjoy being tidy and yes I do recmend to pick up rubbish and make the world a better place.🙂


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