Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hard out hockey

It was a cold foggy winter morning and I put my team uniform on and went downstairs and had breakfast. I walked to the car with my dad and brother and drove away to hockey. Thomas and I were the first ones there because our dad is the coach. When our team got to the hockey field we started to warm up. Even though I don't get the ball much, I still love playing hockey. We ended the warm up and got on to the field. I was striker and my brother was defender with Seb.The other team got to start. At half time and my dad/coach said we were doing really well because we were 5-3 up.I went on the field feeling confident and excited.  I went on the field and scored another three goals. We were 8-3 up now. We went off the field and celebrated at a restaurant My father,brother and I went home and celebrated with our family for the rest of the day.

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