Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry project

At the start of the term, my understanding of responsible citizenship was multistructural because I would pick up rubbish but not at the right time. (Multistructural means “I am able to understand several ideas but I miss their relationship to each other and the whole)

Now I am relational because I am able to link and integrate my ideas to create a coherent understanding the meaning.

I have done teaching younger kids how to play hockey, I pick up rubbish, I have proven myself trustworthy, and I follow the rules on the treaty.

It helps people to realise that if you teach people you will probably be a great R.C. because you are teaching people and sharing your skills with other people.

I faced some Challenge that were quite hard like when I had to manage some young kids that were being naughty by not listening and we're doing things that they shouldn't

I feel great because I helped people and I have made good friends and I have Proven myself trustworthy and I have been a great responsible citizen and it has been a great term and I have a great experience and head of me.

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