Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Science journal

01.05.2017.     Slime off!!!!!
Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data. 
Today all of our school’s classes made slime and tipped it on Mrs Anderson(our principal) for a slime-off. There were heaps of different types of slime from smooth slime to a big chunky slimes. I was one of the people that got to present our class’s slime and the name of our slime was “yellow smurf ”.
08.05.2017.     Balloon rocket !!!!!
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment 
Today Jayden and I did a Balloon rocket experiment. Our best try at the balloon rocket experiment was 3m.65cm. We set up all of the equipment and tried out our first attempt at 1m.28cm Which is bad. The interesting thing about our experiment was that it would stop at the start, spiral and then go really fast but wouldn't reach the end. We used string so that's probably why.
Week 3.  Balloon rocket experiment with paper
Today Jayden and I made a balloon rocket with paper attached to the top of the balloon. It only went 1m 65cm. Jayden and I, were going to attach the paper to the front of the balloon but we didn't have time. The experiment went pretty good but the only problem was that on the first day it was windy. 
Here's some of our results.

Trial 1
12 km
3m 65cm

Trial 2
11 km
3m 5 cm
it was 
Trial 3
6 km
1m 65cm

It was pretty cool and hard but we got there in the end. We would say our results were good but we have a lot to work on!!
I think the only reason why the balloon was slowed down was because that when we put the paper on top of the balloon the air got stuck in between the balloon and the piece of paper and slowed the balloon down and causing drag.
Week 4: Trebuchet Experiment
This week we tested our “Trebuchet” (practically a campout). The first part of the experiment was explaining the “Trebuchet” and that was really boring but when the Trebuchet was in action THE CROWED WENT WILD no seriously it did. Okay in to action. I noticed with a heavier ball the projectile went slightly less further than a lighter ball. I think it's because when you have a heavier ball the Trebuchet had more weight to carry so the ball went further up and  on a  higher angle that which means the ball didn't go as far. I wonder in the olden days when they had huge Trebuchet, that when they were  firing at the enemy they could only carry a certain amount of weight so they didn't crush them selves with the big firing balls
I am going to show you some of our results



trial one

tennis ball

8.20 m

trial two

tennis ball

11.80 cm

trial 3

tennis ball

15.60 m

trial 4

tennis ball

18 m

trial five

tennis ball

19.80 m

trial 11

tennis ball

33.50 m

trial 12 

hockey ball

17.60 m

trial 13

hockey ball

26.90 m

trial 14

hockey ball

17.50 m

The best distance was 33.15 m. 

I data gathering is multi-structural because I had one observation but it was quite a big one and it's got a lot of punctuation.

My inferences are multi-structure because I explained clearly what I was thinking and I did one huge inference.

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