Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The ram chase.

You be might wondering how I got myself into a mess like this.
It all started when I kicked my AFL ball in the air. It landed in the 
ram paddock and I thought that I would be fine and they would 
not ram me (probably why they were called “ram”). I was about to 
pick up my ball and I heard a stomp. I thought“oh no!” I swallowed and hoped that they were not going to ram me. Well I was wrong
and I all of a sudden I found myself being chased. Nervous and trembling I was thinking how I was going to escape. About 3 minutes later the rams had stop chasing me and I started to brainstorming how I would escape properly because I was scared that if I moved the rams would keep on ramming me till I would die. I had brainstormed a couple of ideas like…. trying to tiptoe and distract them with my AFL ball. I decided that I should get a move on so I did but then I heard a “stomp” and I thought “oh come on” and all of a sudden I found myself being chased again.
Annoyed and furious. I tried to escape but again I found myself 
stuck because they were in a line eating some grass and chewing it quietly. Finally there was a break in the storm, by a break in the storm, I mean in the ram chase. I tiptoed to the fence and quickly escaped.

By Samuel Richardson.
I was learning how to use punctuation and bright sparks properly because I had not written down any bright sparks words and I was probably multi-structural for punctuation.

It went excellent but if I had worked on the punctuation a weeeeee bit more I think I could have been done. Now I think I am relational.

I used 4 bright sparks words and I think I am now Relational but I still have a lot to work on.

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