Sunday, 2 July 2017

Flipping frogs, slingshot rocket and angle launches, observations and inferences, week 9. ————————————————————————————————

Today we are writing about our observations and inferences of our flipping frogs and angle launchers and also the slingshot rocket.

 We were in groups and we would participate in three activities. We  would move around through different activities with our group. There were flipping frogs, slingshot rocket and angle launches.

Let's start with slingshot rockets. We discovered with slingshot rockets that if you had more rubber bands it would go further because it has more time to speed up. We also discovered that if you made your design like a plane with 2 wings and 1 small feather on the top it would get more airborne and reduce drag. It would make the slingshot rocket go further than normal.

 Now let's go on to angle launchers. We discovered the most effective position to get it to go further is 45° (so if you're a shotputter try to get an angle of 45°). The angle launcher’s furthest distance was 1.9m on short range and we didn't get to test long range. 

As you can see 45° is the most effective angle on the position.

Now let's go on to flipping frogs.
We made flipping frogs with a rubber band, a piece of cardboard and 2 paper clips and we also designed our flipping frogs. We did a highest flipping frogs jumping competition and the best flipping frog actually looks like a frog. The highlight of the year was someone's frog flipping jumping 1.09m in the air. 

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  1. This is very impressive writing Samuel and it sounds like you enjoyed the different activities.


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